Innovate Conference - branding

Recently the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce held the first annual Innovate Conference and Katalyst Creative Group was brought in to help brand the event. Here's how we helped.

Vision Casting

Because this was the first event of its kind, it was exciting to be part of the conversations around casting the vision for the event and capturing the feel, personality, and emotion. We wanted to express motion, connectivity, technology and innovation without being too masculine or too feminine. It had to feel open and freeing. We also wanted to relate to the themes of humanity, commerce, healthcare, hospitality, earth, and government. And, because the event will be held annually in the fall but marketed during the summer special care was taken to choose an appropriate color palette.

Working with a Committee

Working with the event committee required keen listening skills and a lot of flexibility. We listened to the all of the challenges involved around locating speakers and creating excitement. We had to roll with the punches as speakers were gained and lost and switched around. It required an ability to decipher the committee's concerns and coordinate and plan marketing vehicles that not only suited the goals but also considered the limits around costs, manpower and bandwidth needed to execute.

The Results

The resulting marketing mix Katalyst created consisted of logo, tagline, letterhead, save the date cards, PDF fliers, an email blast template, print and web ads, and social media pages. A separate website was created for the event by another Chamber member using the visuals we supplied. Consistency in the visuals across all channels gave the event legitimacy and made it memorable.

Moving forward, the logo and the visual motif will serve as a memory trigger. Having this identity in place will make it easier to promote the event from year to year and will make it easier to secure speakers, sponsors, and other participants.

Conference Materials

Branded materials were carried through at the event as well. Katalyst designed a template for the presentations and the logo was applied to giveaways and signage. It was a pleasure to work with Copy General and the event planners at JP Events & Consulting to coordinate the production of the program guide and name tags.

The name tags were one of my favorite items. They were printed digitally on a card stock, laminated and cut with rounded corners. We put the agenda on the back for easy reference and they hung around the neck by a brightly colored printed lanyard that simply clipped on. I’m grateful that chamber staff pushed for something different here.

At an event about innovation, it made sense that we would try new things. But again the constraints of cost, time and bandwidth, limited our ability to execute some of the ideas we had. Looking back there are a few things we could do much better now that we know our limitations. Overall, we successfully created the foundation for something that can grow and evolve into an event with an exciting established brand.


  • Start with a comprehensive vision and weave a story around the event
  • Develop a logo that defines that vision and can be used effectively in all channels
  • Create a tagline that supports the story
  • Plan marketing vehicles with cost, time constraints, and both technical and human bandwidth in mind
  • Coordinate all materials to create a strong visual connection and build the brand

Katalyst Creative Group enjoys collaborating with teams. If you are planning an event, we’d love to help you get started. Contact us today!

To learn more about the Innovate Conference visit the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce.