Recent Work: Town of Herndon Developers Brochure

Recently, the Town of Herndon hired an agency to help them re-brand, positioning the town for a time of growth and change with the arrival of the new Silver Line Metro stop. One of the many ways the town is getting ready is by reaching out to developers to bring new energy to the historic downtown area.

We were called in to design a brochure targeted towards potential developers. So, we leveraged the town's branding assets by keeping a clean look and feel, with a modern but elegant use of typography, and bold use of the color palette established in the branding style guide. This piece was printed with silver metallic ink and spot varnish.

It is important that your company develop follow through in brand implementation. As a business owner, you don't want to waste your branding efforts, or have a look that's "just all over the place." Consider:

  • A company invests in a new logo and some stationery, but then doesn't develop a look or standards to apply to all of their marketing materials.
  • A company doesn't invest in a logo, but then creates a website that has one look and a business card that has another look altogether.

Leveraging your branding efforts effectively will heighten your visual voice. To make sure you are not wasting your efforts, and that you are maximizing your branding image, look at these three checkpoints:

  1. Do you have a branding plan?
  2. Do you have a standards guide to follow?
  3. Do you have someone to help you put the pieces together?

If you need to take your branding initiatives a step further, then contact us!

We'll leverage your branding assets – whether you need to start from scratch, develop a plan, or ensure that your marketing materials adhere to established branding standards. Learn more about branding in our special report, "Branded Websites: The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Business."

At Katalyst, we know that brands happen, but great brands are created!