The fourth in a series of seven essential secrets of a successful web presence

man looking through glassYour web presence is a reflection of who you are. In many cases, it may be the only thing that your website visitors know about you. You need a professional quality web site that expresses who you are. It should reflect your own professionalism, quality, and personality in a way that is relevant to their needs.

Speak to your audience in a way they can understand

Here are some things to remember:

  • Show your visitors that your organization is relevant to them and why.
  • Speak to your audience in a way that they can understand.
  • Avoid too much jargon and language that your visitors may not understand.
  • Keep your content short, to the point, and focused on your audience’s needs.

Keep a consistent message and branding

Ideally, your site will also have a consistent branding with your printed materials, like mailers, t-shirts, advertisements, business cards, and any other printed material. That means using a consistent logo, colors, fonts, and images. A tag line that is used throughout your literature is another item to include for consistency.

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