Industry Trends

Now that you know a little more about content development and content management, it’s time to move on and see what kind of content you should include on your site to maximize benefit.

Content can be presented in a number ways – basic website page content, white papers, press releases, blog entries, video and/or audio clips, etc. Selecting the best medium will be the subject of a future series of articles. For now, we would encourage you to think about these articles as good material for your blog or news page, which needs fresh material all the time.

Your Knowledge of Industry Trends Shows Your Expertise

While your clients don't necessarily want you to look into your crystal ball and predict the future, they are interested in what you see going on in your industry - or business in general - with regard to current trends. The closer you can come to addressing the areas of business where the majority of your current and future clients "live" the better.

Content that addresses industry trends will increase readership of your site as clients - and future clients - are eager to learn what you know about the problems, opportunities, the direction things seem to be heading, as well as any tendencies or swings in business that you are see coming in the future. They are especially interested to see if you have picked up on something they have not yet heard or considered.

A Good Approach For Writing About Industry Trends

When writing a trend piece, here is a good approach to use.

  1. Introduce the trend and offer enough description so your reader knows exactly what you are talking about.
    • Make sure your terms are clear and understandable.
    • If necessary, use an illustration or brief example to explain it.
    • You really want to “hook” your reader with an introduction that pulls them into the piece. Don’t just state a fact; make sure that it is framed from the standpoint of how it affects the reader.
  2. Present the reasons and evidence why you believe this trend is taking place or is about to take place.
    • The more concrete your information, the better - offer dates, stories, measurable data, etc.
    • When you cite other sources, be sure to give them credit and link it to the original material, if it is found online.
  3. Supplement the information with your own personal opinions based on experience and observations.
    • Perhaps you have a personal story you can tell.
    • Often, describing where you have seen something similar take place before is a good way to present your own experience.
  4. Offer some ideas on the long-range results of this trend
    • Be sure not to make any “promises” about where things are heading; use a disclaimer.
    • At the same time, based on what you have found through research and personal experience, describe where you see this trend going and what impact in can have.
  5. Of greatest importance - conclude with some practical advice for your clients and others readers.
    • Share advice on how they can avoid any negative impact of a trend.
    • Let them know how they may be able to maximize the benefit they could receive.

An industry trends piece will help greatly in positioning you and your company as a subject-matter expert and the go-to place for cutting edge information. It will also help you underscore the fact that you can be creative source for solutions that can address the particular situation faced by a client.

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