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With Katalyst Web Alerts you can protect yourself from hackers and harmful viruses with patches and security alerts, and ensure that you have the latest Joomla! and WordPress updates.

Katalyst Web Alerts is a free email notification service. We've been providing it for our clients, Katalyst Web Alerts now we want to provide it to everyone who needs to protect and maintain their website.

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Rest easy that your website will be up to date and out of danger.

Privacy: Your privacy is important to us. We do not share your information with anyone outside of our company.

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As experts in the web arena, we constantly keep up with any changes or security alerts through the Internet, and in Joomla! and WordPress, the formats in which we design websites. Now we're conveniently passing any important updates and urgent alerts along to you to help you do your job better, protect your company, and help it grow.

With these simple updates, and links to instructions on how to implement them for your system, you can rest easy that your website will stay up to date and out of danger.

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What’s included in Katalyst Web Alerts?

  • Free web alerts and fixes delivered weekly to your inbox via email
  • Notification of the latest Joomla! and WordPress updates
  • Alerts to urgent security patches and fixes
  • Website maintenance reminders and actions
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Why do I need Katalyst Web Alerts?

  • To protect your website from hackers and security issues
  • To prevent the embarrassment of exposing your customers and prospects to malware or explicit content
  • To keep your website active and working for your business

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This is strictly a free notification service and does not include any maintenance services
or contract for maintenance services. No purchase required.

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